Fuchs Renolin B- 220 Hydraulic Oil-205L

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  • Brands: Fuchs
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High quality AW hydraulic and lubricating oils


The RENOLIN B series is based on specially selected mineral base oils. High quality additives improve the ageing and oxidation stability. They also guarantee excellent corrosion protection properties (steel and iron materials). Synergistically acting copper deactivators protect copper / yellow metal materials. The selected Anti-Wear- / mild EP-additives based on zinc¬ dialkyldithiophosphates protect hydraulic pumps, motors, components and machine elements from wear (at low and high temperatures and at high loads). The RENOLIN B oils are mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids according to DIN 51524-2 (demulsifying, zinc-containing) and lubricating oils according to DIN 51517.


The RENOLIN B series fulfills the requirements of the latest DENISON HF-0 specification (hybrid pump test, a combination of a vane and a piston pump – T6H20C combination).


  • Excellent demulsibility
  • Very good corrosion protection – steel
  • Good corrosion protection – copper
  • High ageing stability / high oxidation stability
  • Good AW wear protection
  • Very good hydrolytic stability
  • Excellent filtration behavior (dry, wet)
  • Low foaming
  • Excellent air release


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